Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Distance Learning Reading Logs

Online Reading Logs

In this sudden time of uncertainty, there is one thing that world can see: we teachers are team players.  In the past week we've been thrust headfirst into something we've never really done before, and we are all just trying to help each other out.

From posting collections of sites and platforms to use, to cautionary words of wisdom, the teaching community is pulling together in an unprecedented way to help fellow educators and our students.

I do acknowledge the digital divide is clearly evident, even at my own school.  I've read blogs where teachers say everything must be now done online no matter what, and others who say their districts allow no academics to happen while schools are closed. At the time of this post, some states have cancelled their spring state testing, while at least one says it is closing campuses for the rest of the 2019 - 2020 school year.

One thing is abundantly clear- teachers still want their students to succeed no matter what.

Because we're in this stage of newness with distance learning, I decided to transform the homework I normally send home on paper once per week into Google Forms.  And I'm making them free for anyone who wants to use them because I wanted to give back to our community.

There are ten different online reading logs. They are written for fiction. The idea is to assign one form per "night".  I think I would schedule them daily in advance, to make things easier. If you need grades, you can even download the answers into a spreadsheet. Students can read any book and answer the questions. Some forms are considered "appetizers", some are more difficult and considered "main courses" and some are easier "desserts". Each week I assign one appetizer, 2 main courses (or a side), and one dessert.

One example of a question from the Google Forms Reading Log

When you click on Google Form, it will ask you to make a copy.  Click >Make a Copy<.  Then assign them in the platform your school uses for Google Forms.

Reading Log Appetizer: Word Choice Wraps
Reading Log Main Course: Summary Spaghetti
Reading Log Main Course: Text Structure Tacos
Reading Log Main Course: Character Casserole
Reading Log Main Course: Text Connection Chicken Tenders
Reading Log Main Course: Character Corndogs
Reading Log Menu: Film Fries
Reading Log Dessert: Prediction Pie
Reading Log Dessert:  Interview Ice Cream
Reading Log Dessert:  Character Cookies

I also have paper ones in my TPT store, if that works better for you.
I hope these help you in some way.